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Auto parts

What are the different parts of a truck?

71 ViewsThe conventional cabin This second type of cabin has several names. It can be called a hooded cab or a rear cab. With the conventional cab, the engine part of the truck is at the front of the driver’s compartment. The advantage of this type of cabin is that [...]

regularly on your car

Top 10 checks to do regularly on your car

74 ViewsYou will also need to check the power steering fluid level, to preserve the power steering system. The brake fluid, on the other hand, deserves a regular check, because the proper functioning of the entire braking system depends on it. If in doubt about its level, contact a professional [...]

electric car


74 ViewsFirst, let’s start by distinguishing between electric cars and hybrid cars. Electric cars do not have a fuel, gasoline or diesel tank. Thanks to its engine, the electric car is autonomous over several hundred kilometres. Recharging the electric battery of your car can be done both at free access [...]

the technical inspection

Do the tinted windows pass the technical inspection?

73 ViewsWhy do motorists appreciate the benefits of tinted windows? Smoked windows or dark tinted windows have long been associated with additional luxury. Formerly visible on high-end vehicles for personalities traveling in discretion, they are now widely used on modern automobiles. A source of elegance and comfort, they offer undeniable [...]

benefits of a new car

All the benefits of a new car

83 Viewslong new car warranty Among the new car advantages most appreciated by the French, the first on the list is the manufacturer’s warranty. It is compulsory in France and valid throughout the European Union for a minimum period of 2 years. With some car manufacturers, it even evolves to [...]

electric car

Check before buying an electric car

117 Views Check before buying an electric car: the maximum power of the terminal and the effective charging power Dealers are not always very clear with customers when it comes to talking about charging in public spaces.  kW of power. It is a mistake to believe it, because everything depends [...]