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Top 10 checks to do regularly on your car


You will also need to check the power steering fluid level, to preserve the power steering system.

The brake fluid, on the other hand, deserves a regular check, because the proper functioning of the entire braking system depends on it.

If in doubt about its level, contact a professional to have it checked. In addition, this brake fluid must be replaced approximately every 2 years.

And to finish the windshield washer fluid, although often overlooked, it is also very useful for ensuring good visibility and safety.

5) Windscreen wipers

Check the condition of the front and rear wiper blades, blades in poor condition can damage the windows (scratches). Squealing, streaking and/or poor rain removal are signs that the windshield wipers need to be replaced .

6) Windshields and windows

Check the condition and cleanliness of the various windows of the vehicle, in particular the windshield and the rear window, which are important for visibility and safety. This will prevent you from losing visibility, especially at night, as well as fogging.

At the slightest impact, get closer to a professional who will advise you.

7) Lighting

Check the condition and correct operation of the vehicle’s lights: daytime running lights, side lights, dipped beam headlights, front and rear fog lights and license plate lights. It is important to see well and to be seen well.

All lights must work properly, because everyone’s safety depends on it, day and even more so at night. A quick regular look will allow you to make sure that your lights are working properly.

8) Wheels

Check the tightness of the vehicle wheels from time to time.

The wheels of our cars are the direct link with the road. It is necessary to check that they have not undergone any deformation, even minor, that they have no cracks,…

You can also during maintenance, ask your mechanic to carry out this check.

9) Safety on board

Check the condition and proper functioning of the vehicle’s safety belts, also consider those of child car seats .

10) Brakes

Check your handbrake: if it needs to be pulled more than usual (count 6 notches maximum), then it probably needs an adjustment from your mechanic.

Also check that there are no signs of wear on the brake pads. And finally if an abnormal noise is heard when you brake, then the discs should certainly be replaced.

10 elements that you should remember to check regularly on your vehicle, for its proper maintenance! It won’t cost you anything except a few minutes of your time. However, these 10 checkpoints can save you big expenses, and or future problems.

When to have your car checked?

A malfunction detected too late has irreversible consequences on your car. It is therefore essential to carry out these checks at the right frequency in order to ensure your safety but also that of others.

The technical inspection does not replace the checks to be carried out regularly on your car

Although the technical control is necessary, the latter does not act as maintenance. The technical control is, as its name suggests, a control examination of the vehicle at a specific time. Mandatory, it aims to determine whether the vehicle is able to travel on a road open to public traffic in accordance with the authorities. It identifies failures likely to affect the safety of road users and the environment. This inspection is carried out in centers and by technical inspectors approved by the department prefects. The technical control applies to motor vehicles over 4 years old, whose total laden weight is less than 3.5 tonnes.

When to carry out the technical control?

 This date appears on the registration certificate. After this inspection, a periodic technical inspection must be:

made by the seller in the 6 months preceding the sale of the vehicle to an individual.

Routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of the vehicle

Professionals distinguish 2 types of maintenance: routine and periodic. Routine maintenance consists of a series of checks that you can perform yourself before hitting the road; daily or monthly. While periodic maintenance is, for its part, carried out by a professional and moreover much more complete: oil change, mileage , change of brake pads , etc…

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