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benefits of a new car

All the benefits of a new car


long new car warranty

Among the new car advantages most appreciated by the French, the first on the list is the manufacturer’s warranty. It is compulsory in France and valid throughout the European Union for a minimum period of 2 years. With some car manufacturers, it even evolves to 3 years, even 5 years or 7 years, associated with unlimited or unlimited mileage. Something to be serene at the wheel of your racing car for a long time!

In addition, this long new car warranty can generally be extended for one or more years to provide additional peace of mind. This is called an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. For a motorist, driving knowing that you are covered in the event of breakdown and repair allows you to focus 100% on the experience and fully enjoy your new car. Via this maximum guarantee, we know full well that we will be protected if necessary via this maximum guarantee, unlike a used car sold without or with a short period of cover (generally 3 months to 6 months).

new car lifespan

The list of new car benefits continues with extended life. It has been found, on average, that a new model can reach 200,000 km on the clock without major difficulty, or 10 years of smooth use if you cover 20,000 km per year. This good new car life is very reassuring for any buyer. In addition, during the first years, we know that there will be no repairs or interventions to be expected apart from the classic revisions.

Indeed, as a new vehicle has never been driven and you are its only user, it has no history, no accident or hidden defect. So you know exactly what to expect and the level of wear on parts starts from zero, which is a guarantee of reliability. You are then less prone to mechanical problems. From an environmental point of view, too, a new car will always comply with the latest Euro standard and will therefore be less subject to traffic restrictions in the event of a pollution peak, for example.

Tailor-made new car

bespoke new car

Another new car advantage frequently mentioned by motorists: the plethoric choice when buying. Unlike the second-hand market, you have the most complete choice possible with absolutely all brands and all models available in France. Better still, you can configure a new car to measure, at a dealership or at an agent.

This ranges from the selection of body color to that of the diesel, gasoline or electric engine, through the manual or automatic gearbox as well as the various standard equipment and options. Result: you can personalize your new car and ensure that it fully corresponds to your needs and desires. Something impossible, of course, with a second-hand model that will have been personalized according to the tastes of its very first owner. This can unfortunately lead to having to make major concessions.

new car resale value

Finally, the resale price is also one of the new car advantages that the French like the most. If the model is popular, we can actually part with it at a good price within 5 years of its purchase. The resale value of a new car will indeed be more attractive financially than that of a second-hand car because it will be first-hand.

Buyers are less inclined to spend a substantial amount of money for a second hand on which the lack of history gives little visibility. As the sole owner, you will then be more credible to practice a maximum resale price, in the upper range of the argus rating. Even better, the sale will be easier and faster!

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