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tinting your car windows

Tips for tinting your car windows yourself


How it works ?

In principle, it is very easy to darken the windows of a car . It is allowed to tint the windows of the vehicle with the help of special films which are glued from the inside. It is also possible to replace the untinted windows with original tinted windows supplied by the manufacturer. Some websites offer instructions on how to tint car windows with special semi-transparent paints. However, this is not allowed and the result is neither satisfactory nor lasting.

Advantages and disadvantages of tinted windows

Tinted windows enhance the aesthetics of most cars, but not only. They also have other advantages.

One of the advantages, particularly noticeable in summer, is that the passenger compartment heats up significantly less. Dark tinted films block much of the heat-generating infrared rays. The air conditioning is then less stressed. Tinted windows therefore help to reduce fuel consumption.

Another advantage is the protection against dazzling of the occupants. As less sunlight penetrates through the windows, the perceived brightness is lower. The same goes for dazzling headlights which are less annoying at night.

Protection against excessive sunlight also protects the interior equipment from premature discoloration. The solar films thus contribute to preserving the value of the vehicle. Finally, tinted windows keep prying eyes away and can help deter thieves from getting into the vehicle if they can’t see if there’s any interesting loot inside.

However, tinted windows have a downside. When reversing, a tinted screen significantly reduces rear visibility. This is especially true in low light conditions and in the dark. Tinted windows greatly reduce visibility in a dark environment. This disadvantage is less significant in broad daylight.

Which car windows can be tinted?

In France, the law clearly defines the windows that can be tinted on a car. The windscreen and the front side windows must not be tinted under any circumstances. According to the legislator, visibility through these windows is essential for safety. This means that they must always guarantee a clear view to the outside. It is therefore only permitted to tint the windows from the B-pillar upwards. It is possible to darken the rear side windows and the rear window using films. However, the rear window can only be tinted if the vehicle has two mirrors.

Tinted windows: what does the law say?

The law stipulates that tinted windows must allow the passage of at least 70% of light.. It should be ensured that the film used has an approval. These films have an approval number which must be visible on each pane. The application of a tinted film that is too dark and not approved is a violation of the highway code and is liable to a fine of 135€ and .

Can you tint your car windows yourself?

It is in principle possible to tint the windows of your car yourself. However, the operation is not simple and requires some experience for a perfect result. When laying the film, bubbles easily form and it is then impossible to eliminate them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tinting your car windows yourself.

To tint your car windows, you need an approved film, a squeegee, paper towels, a spray bottle containing water mixed with a few drops of washing-up liquid, a dryer hair and a sharp cutter. You can also use, instead of the dishwashing liquid and water mixture, special laying solutions available in specialized stores. Prepare the necessary materials and tools before proceeding with the application.

car tinted glass

It is important not to apply the tinted film to the window of the vehicle when the temperatures are negative or very high in summer and the sun is shining. The vehicle should be parked in a closed space. The room should be as dust-free as possible. Adequate temperature is also necessary. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the optimum temperatures for laying the film. You should then carefully clean the windows of your car. These should be free of grease, lint and hair, inside and out.

Then roughly cut a piece of the roll of film suitable for the window to be covered. Spray the outside of the glass with the mixture of washing up liquid and water or with a special solution. Then lay the film on the window, adhesive side on the window. The liquid adheres the film to the glass. First it is important to draw a horizontal line without wrinkles, from which you will smooth the film up and down. If so, you will need to carefully heat the film with a hair dryer to ensure it fits snugly.

How long does it take to tint car windows?

Including all the preparatory work, it takes on average between an hour and an hour and a half per window for the installation of the film. Don’t work too fast. Thanks to the rinse aid, you can still make corrections. Even a professional isn’t much faster.

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