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Car tinted windows

Car tinted windows, a real safety asset?


Tinted windows for cars: CleanCar to secure your car

In the majority of cases, all the glazing present on a car is tinted from the start. However, it is possible to have tinted windows installed if you wish to take advantage of more advantages. Whatever type of vehicle you have, CleanCar can install window tinting films  according to the standards in force.

What does the law say about tinted windows?

The French government imposes very strict tinted window regulations. The tinted window law, which came into force on January 1, 2017, stipulates that the visible light transmission or VLT must be at least 70%, in particular on the windows of the windshield and the side windows on the driver and passenger side. This is the percentage of light that passes through the glazing, with or without film.

In any case, know that at CleanCar , we have a professional and experienced team that has all the necessary expertise to install quality and standard tinted films on your car. Thanks to our know-how and our knowledge of the regulations, we allow you to obtain tinted windows in full compliance with the regulations on tinted windows .


Why install auto window tint film?

The primary interest in installing window tinting films is to obtain better insulation inside the vehicle. This device provides better sun protection, while guaranteeing a pleasant temperature. Tinting your car windows also adds an aesthetic touch to the vehicle. It is also adopted to enjoy better road safety inside the passenger compartment. The films reinforce the strength of the glass, making your windows more resistant to shocks in the event of an accident.

What are the main advantages of tinted windows?

Automotive tint film offers a number of benefits that may encourage you to adopt it. Indeed, it is not only a question of improving the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also of benefiting from increased protection.

Reinforce the solidity of the windows

Having a tinted film installed on the windows of your vehicle brings many advantages. Above all, it makes it possible to reinforce the glazing so that it becomes stronger and more resistant to shocks in the event of an accident or attempted theft.

At the same time, in the event of breakage caused by a side or frontal impact or by a blow to the glass, the protective film retains shards and projections, thus protecting the driver and passengers.

Finally, the reinforced windows gain in longevity.

Preserve the passenger compartment from UV rays, but also protect you from UV rays

We install effective solar films to protect you from the sun and its glare. Our tinted films reject more than 65% of the heat entering your vehicle’s interior. Likewise, they also act as a barrier that blocks up to 99% of UV rays.

In this sense, it is an interesting solution for protecting the passenger compartment and its occupants from the sun’s UV rays and heat. A tinted window effectively limits the possible risks of deformation of the plastics and the seats of the car. As a bonus, it also protects against the development of skin diseases, such as melanoma.

Less air conditioning

As mentioned above, installing a window tint film helps to combat the heat of the passenger compartment. Because of this, it is ideal for obtaining energy savings in the use of air conditioning. In other words, you will be able to put less strain on your air conditioning by having us install tinted films on the windows of your car.

In addition, the air conditioning can create a feeling of discomfort if it is used excessively. Then, the air conditioning can in some cases cause some inconvenience such as itchy throat, runny nose or tight skin. Finally, a poorly maintained air conditioner can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Fortunately, thanks to tinted windows, you can very often do without your air conditioning.

deter thieves

Our security films help you deter thieves, especially in unsecured parking lots. Thanks to our tinted devices, your windows will be more resistant, which makes thefts and attacks more difficult. In other words, you will benefit from better protection inside the passenger compartment.

More privacy

It is possible to choose a darker shade for your solar film. As a result, you will benefit from better protection against prying eyes, while maintaining good visibility from inside your vehicle. Especially since the ban on tinted windows does not apply to the rear window and the side windows.


Why have tinted films applied by a professional?

To take advantage of all the advantages of tinted windows, the idea is to enhance the installation by a professional like CleanCar. We are aware of tinted window regulations and knowledge of legal tints. By using our service, you will benefit from good sun and road protection, while enjoying good visibility inside your car.

In addition, entrusting the installation of a tinted window to a professional is a guarantee of compliance with the law. CleanCar is aware of the standards governing the installation of tinted window film. We have a qualified team that can offer you a quality service, whatever your needs. Ask for a quote and entrust us with the installation of your tinted windows to ensure optimum safety for you and your children.

Cleancar provides a personalized service according to the color you want in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Thanks to a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we allow you to ride in a comfortable, secure and intimate atmosphere. Our tinted films strengthen your windows while adding an aesthetic touch according to your taste. It is also possible to maintain the appearance of your vehicle thanks to our very clear films

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