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How to Get More Customers to My Auto Repair


Bring your customers back to your workshops

We know very well that customers tend to leave the workshops of the dealerships from which they bought their car after the warranty period to see the competition. It is also that we do not know how to pamper our dear customers. How to generate between 1 and 3 additional workshop invoices per day? (Depending on the number of your companions) How to increase the average basket? Keep customers coming back to your auto shops with an  automotive aftermarket marketing program , like  Retention Dosi .

1. Go mobile with your loyalty cards

Car repair and maintenance costs can quickly eat into anyone’s budget, so customers are always on the lookout for  loyalty programs  to help them with things like engine oil changes and engine changes. of tires. However, issuing physical loyalty cards runs the risk of them being lost or pushed back, so I recommend that you simply avoid going to the print shop and opt for a mobile solution.

Opt for an easy-to-use digital loyalty card program for you and your customers. With a small business-friendly platform that lets you set up rewards and track progress on your end. For your customers, all they have to do is give you their phone number, they’ll get a text message to confirm, and they’re signed up.

2. Send review and feedback reminders

For local businesses like auto repair shops, it’s crucial to show up first when someone searches for your business or service online. Google takes more than 200 factors into consideration when determining the display order of its ads, but one of the most important is online reviews – they want to show searchers the best options first. Therefore, training your staff to ask for reviews and comments and/or to mail review requests to customers after the interview can be a powerful way to increase your search engine rankings.

3. Provide educational content

There is a great opportunity for educational video content in the auto repair niche. An auto repair shop that educates its audience on auto repair tips and tricks can become a recognized expert in its field. Create high-quality videos , push them to the community via social media, optimize them to rank well on YouTube, and start growing that customer base.

4. Create an email list of customers and prospects

The biggest mistake auto shops make is not capturing the email addresses of customers and prospects who visit their website. Building an email list allows the owner to dramatically increase repeat sales. Leverage data via  customer relationship management software . Once you’ve started building your list,  send them a relevant email  once a month. Make your email content actionable and people can use it. For example, you can email them tips on how to keep your car in good shape for the upcoming snow season.

5. Create a professional website

Whether it’s a toll-free number like 0 800 07 07 24 24 or a local number that ends in 24 24, a memorable phone number will get you noticed. Good phone numbers are an easy way to attract potential new customers because they help you reach your goals and improve your response rates. They enhance customer service capabilities by making it easier to connect with customers and make it easier to share contact information with friends and family members, allowing customers to be referred to other services. Additionally, a good phone number is a lasting brand asset that can be used across campaigns and automatically creates consistency between digital and offline marketing programs.

6. Promote Advocates with Gift Certificates

Everyone loves saving money and everyone loves getting a gift. One way for an auto repair shop to attract potential new customers to the shop is to turn the free oil change and inspection they might offer new customers into a gift that others can give to their customers. clients. To do this, create a very nice gift voucher. Print it on nice paper. It’s vitally important that it looks like a gift certificate the giver bought for their customer, not a coupon, advertisement, or gift from you. Then approach non-competing local auto-related businesses and ask them to use your gift certificate as a gift with the purchase, thank you for your business gift, holiday gift, etc.

Some of our successes with our customers


7. Emphasize consistency of branding and messaging

Your advertising should promote things like satisfaction guarantees as well as customer testimonials whenever possible. If you have been in business for a long time, indicate the year of your establishment. If you can get people in faster than your competition, highlight your dwell times or make it clear to potential customers that you’ll make their lives easier by processing their insurance and reimbursement claims.

When planning your marketing strategy, look at your competitors and see what you need to copy and what you need to do differently. Whatever you decide to implement, you should be consistent and follow everything as much as possible.

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